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Oct 8, 2012 11:00pm PDT
obama laid out accomplishments like the affordable care act, the repeal of don't ask don't tell, tax cuts for the middle class and jobs creation. he also talked specifically about last week's debate saying mitt romney's facts don't hold up. >> a few nights ago, suddenly a guy pretending to be mitt romney stood on a stage next to me. and said he is his plan. he is just going to pretend it doesn't exist. what $5 trillion tax cut? i don't know anything about a $5 trillion tax cut. don't pay any attention to that tax cut behind the curtain. >> reporter: the crowd did boo at any mention of mitt romney and the president had some advice. he said don't boo, vote. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> more details of the president's money trail. mr. obama touched down at 1:40 this afternoon at sfo. since then he's raised nearly $4 million. that's a conservative estimate. he health three separate fund-raisers. the first at san francisco's intercontinental hotel where he raised $1 million. a relatively intimate gathering. 25 people who paid $45,000 for time with
Oct 7, 2012 11:00pm PDT
in the bay area. on a different subject, the president accused romney of proposing a $5 trillion tax cut. the facts that that romney proposed $500 billion in tax cuts for 2015. >>> a huge success tonight for california-based space x with its first commercial launch to the international space station. >> and liftoff. >> the unmanned rocket is carrying a capsule with a thousand pounds of cargo including, listen to this, chak chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream for the three residents. it is scheduled to reach the station on wednesday and docked there three weeks before returning to earth. they are counting 0 them to restock the space station now the space agency retired the shuttle. the company is run by billionaire a cofounder of paypal that runs tesla motors. >>> right now we are talking to rob on the weather and whether it will stay gorgeous like it did this weekend. >> yeah. we did have some beautiful weather. most of the highs inleft hand in the mid-70s. looks like we saved the nicest weather for the big bay area weekend. it is chilly out there. low 50s already in santa rosa. mid-40s by
Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. >> he says anybody working in the united states pays into medicare and pays federal and state taxes and should be entitled to this treatment. >>> okay, pick your players, the gia giants, eagles. >> and even if you're not a sailor, it is still ease to watch america's cup. there is an exclusive look at today's action. >> reporter: hey, thank you, a big weekend here in the bay area also means a big two days of raising the america's world cup series. the fleet racing today saw terry hutchison take a victory, as well as ben ainsley. but the matchup was great work. on a day where we saw natalie coglin riding with new zealand's team, ben ainsley takes the second week of the round two, cup series, we found the most winning skipper supporting the giants into the post season with the fs logo on his boat. and what looked like victory, it was ruled he had not correctly rounded mark four and thus didn't finish. so thus, the swedish team advances to the finals to take on the crew. the final four and the championship finals of match racing set for saturday on the bay. now keep in mind we will have
Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm PDT
to stop us from going off the cliff. >> can a middle class tax hike be prevented? >> it's not math matticly possible. >> it is. it's been done before. it's precisely what we're proposing. >> biden smiled a lot. ryan a debate rookie kept his cool. >> did ryan add to the romney momentum or did biden get the obama campaign back on track? now the pollsters go to work, as they try to digest this second debate. from danville, kentucky i'm steve handlesman, nbc bay area news. >>> a heyward girl who disappeared 24 years ago. find out how investigators made that discovery. >>> plus, struggling students losing money to financial aide fees they did not expect. see how some are profiting while others are paying the price. >>> and the space shuttle endeavor on the move again. coming up, we'll show you the trek to get the shuttle to its final destination. >>> and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. we're seeing the system we've been tracking now for days, finally moving off to the south and taking some of that rainfall with it. we're tracking that and we'll have details on one of the coldest nights
Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. tonight, we check the bay area's track record and how your tax dollars are spent on keeping people out. >>> and good evening, in the nbc bay area weather center, rain-free at the current moment on the radar, finding mid and high level cloud cover. we'll have showers, the chance of you getting this for saturday, coming up. . >>> half a century after a 93-year-old woman left san jose state university, she finally received the one thing she always wanted. her diploma. the story new at 11:00, and nbc is live at san jose state, so george, what was the hold up all these years? >> reporter: she was told she fell one course short of graduating. she never went back and said she was raising her family from that point on. but 53 years later, san jose decided to look back at her record and discovered indeed, she had enough credits to graduate. so right now, the 93-year-old is proudly holding her new diploma. she waited 53 years for this moment. 93-year-old olive chandler waited this long. for 20 years, starting in 1938, chandler was determined to get her degree in home economics. but life got in t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5